DLW (8-12-1970 / Columbus, OH)

The Real Discrimination..

We were standing alone in front of the school,
Where the kids would turn into adults soon,
Never ending useless home works and tests,
Projects, assignments and emotional issues,
We were standing alone in the vast playground,
Where we saw the women drove their cars to work,
Wearing high heels and immaculate dress,
Leaving the kids in the playschool and maids,
We were pushing the trolley in the super market,
The kids were in uniform, surrounded us as our body guards,
They had the choice to pick up what they needed,
We paid the bill, using the supplementary card,
We were standing alone in the visitor’s bay with a tag,
The parent of so and so competed in the art,
We were the first person to know and feel what they achieved,
Sometimes too happy to elate sometimes simply sad,
We were standing alone in the clinic when they were sick,
With trembling heart and the fear in the thought,
We were standing alone repeating the lessons since they were young,
We were standing alone praying for their safety,
When they had gone to local and foreign universities,
We are standing alone always holding a phone,
Connected to their ‘busy with meeting’ fathers,
Repeated the same story to them time and again,
What they have understood and what they have known,
About their children as a parent no one knows,
We, the mothers, are left alone, touching our empty wombs,
When this society chooses the father’s name to call our children,

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Thank you Alex. Colors can be what you make them; just as you can be all you can be in life.: -)
i really like that: -) it's really sweet and i love the way you described people as colours it's cool: -)