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The Burning

I am the embodiment of your conscience
A reflection of the guilt in you
I can see it in your eyes
And hear it in your tone of voice
It's not a role I appointed for myself
It's the role you have given me
Because of your deflection
It's what I've become in your eyes
Because of your own choice
Your chosen deviation
From what you were
And what we were together
So now since you're no longer
The person you used to be
You try to make it up to me
By means of compensation
Which certainly binds the wound
But does not heal it
You do not want to hear
From what's inside of me
It's too painful for you to bear
So I must not reveal it
I sit and wait silently
For your courage to return
And until that time is here
My inner core will burn

by Laurie Van der Hart

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