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Human Heart
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Human Heart

Poem By Miss Fairytale

Anti-human voices boomed in the tunnel
in the street, under steel
Carnage dropped from the air into silence,
and all became still at England's heart.

Incapable of feeling anything other than nothing
Someone personified inhumanity again
Without a face, a heart, a voice.
Click - boom was all it took

to destroy too many human hearts.
There is no reason in their world
Only self and slaughter,
They don't deserve sunshine.

Intricately charred by flameless fire
Their minds are blank, burnt black
Composed of muscle and malice
They are weak as a fingernail.

The human heart aches too intensely too often
But it's walls are thicker than skin
And stronger than a bomb fueled by silence.
The soldiers of destruction will never see our white flag

They'll see red on white and know this is England
This is strength, this is louder than their secret silence
And brighter than their shadows,
We have a face, a voice, a weapon;
The human heart is stronger when love filled.

- 8th July 2005.

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