Wearing their skin… that's just one part of this job
It's training in habits, called social attire.
Blending with trends if you want to look the part
Imitate the primitive is always best required
Think quick on your toes or your feet will get mowed
Learn to slip into masks for appropriate moulds
Express the language in formal decorum
Conduct in syntax is a matter of context
Develop the mechanics in cultural semantics
Embrace what is vogue, when passively inclined
These are the terms you need to observe
If you don't want to be a throw away Hors d'oeuvre

Emotion is a currency of their inner nature
Perform it without getting attachment
Endeavour into kinships is a necessary Labour
If you want to survive stages of advancement
Caring is a weapon for public conscientiousness
Utilize compassion when things get contentious
Observe the terms and the germs of social customs
In gender, ethnicity, and class warfare divisions
Doublethink your words with blind hyperbole

Or be swept to the rage of mob mentality

Understand now that if you want to survive

Its best to masquerade or runaway and hide

It was easy to watch, when we were afar

Passive spectators, outside the zoo

But when you participate inside the cage
We get throwing the muck in full view

disguises falter, and we are prey to mutate

Impulse control will always disintegrate

So listen to reason from my own musings

Cautiously guard for the suited biped.

Herbivores are passive, Carnivorous are hazardous

But Omnivores are the most treacherous lot,

they do not presume, or care for who they consume

Because man is the sum of god in reverse
An animal whose logic is insatiably perverse

I'll wear flesh, that's not really me
Speak in tones that are someone else
Hold opinions that I will disregard
Smile when needed, cry when it's wanted
Always show strength, to hide your weakness
Be nice to those I will backstab
And Wait for my turn, in the end
I'll show interest in silly things
And ignore the universe of broader thoughts
I'll train myself to be a man
One who epitomizes falsehoods brand
I'll be everything I never was
I will be human…ish

by Kevin Patrick

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