The Dimly Glowing Heart

In kindergarten with the purple tulips
And my first love:
We learn the alphabet and nursery rhymes:
I envision her lips indenting the sea,
But she loves my best friend
And play games with him,
When the class plays games-
My parents work all day under the sun,
And sing songs as they make money,
But they don’t even worry that I might love,
Her curls-
In the afternoons we sleep and
I steal things for her to confirm my love-
When I show them to her,
The shells of my early craft:
Beneath the dark circles my troubled
Eyes exhibit,
Things borrowed without return,
She is not impressed-
Turning, she kisses Michael and goes away.
Over the swing set, the
Sky is rumbling with ominous disquiet:
There, the bulbous heads of puffing
Weather writhe like darkening weeds,
The lightning in fitful briars....
Returning to the little classroom,
I dutifully sit before the gray-haired teacher,
And wait for her to tell me anything-
As the rain begins its pitter-patter
Over the dimly glowing heart.

by Robert Rorabeck

Comments (6)

Nice piece. Good concept. SYLVA ONYEMA
Good use of the sestet stanza. Embellished in ten stanzas of equal sestet. SYLVAONYEMA
As silver star did touch with star, The kiss of Peace and Righteousness Through all things that are done. Beautiful poem. Thanks. 10++++
And widen, so, the broad life-wound Which soon is large enough for death. That conclusion is just fantastic. A poem that probes into man's relationship with the misty mysterious where words look like angels conveying transcendental meanings.
thought provocative - We sow the glebe, we reap the corn, We build the house where we may rest, And then, at moments, suddenly, We look up to the great wide sky, Inquiring wherefore we were born… For earnest or for jest? thanks
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