The One Who Is Great To You

Since on what greatness is you and I do not agree
The one who is great to you is not great to me
Sporting and multi millionaire and billionaire celebrities are those you admire
And of singing their praises you never does tire
As for me I only admirepeople who are caring and kind
Who to the helping of others are willingly inclined
Who without looking for recognition help poor people every day
And on helping those in need of helping go out of their way
Your heroines and heroes despite their material and sporting success
Though their admirers are many me does not impress
You and I look at people in ways differently
But suppose we must differ for to agree
But then suppose we would seem boring if we all thought the same
If we only admired those of money and fame

by Francis Duggan

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It is true that life is meaningless even though we forget that.
Instead of reading this poem as kind advice to a likeminded other, try reading it as Coleridge––who did not believe that once 'dead, we cease to be'––attempting to persuade an atheist that human life is indeed meaningful, and that our life is not 'Blank accident! nothing's anomaly! ' Those who believe, however, that human life is merely 'Blank accident', have no reason by their own premises, Coleridge is arguing, to be sad––or glad.
..Thy being's being is contradiction. Often times we seem to wonder the true purpose of our existence. If death could but have no effect on us, would life still be of value? This I keep pondering every now and then. Great work Sire!
Indeed we are seized by death. Very nice ink.
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