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Human Nature

We stand in clear view of things we cannot see.
Untimely acts of encouragement and wisedom.
Its understanding is bewildering to our eyes
and can uphold the strangest of our intellect.
Love, heartache, emotions and life.
Sometimes uncontrollable by human nature itself.
But, if we look closer at what is being told,
we will see that longing and life are no subjects at all.
Only human nature indeed.
The mere thought of ones deception will recoil the spine.
Releasing more than a simple passage of anger and guilt.
It will surely curse the day it was mentioned.
Out of the darkness comes a brighter light.
It cannot be reached now but, in time, it will come for you.
If we look closely, we will see that we stand in clear marks
of what is surely to come our way in due time.
Looking back at years gone past we see faults below our feet.
We will walk on them again and again until our callused heels ache.
This is only human nature.
The tragedy in life is not love, heartache or emotions at hand.
It is the fact that we cannot understand this bewildering self.
This thing that drives out passion and hate.
The tragedy is that we will never see the target of ourselfs
and the arrow of human nature.

by Gulliver Gimble

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