Human Thinking Too Has Borders

Through d n a samples extinct species will live again some scientists do say
But any heed to such a theory i for one do not pay
Human thinking too has borders it does seem this way
The dodo is long dead and as dead it will stay
Extinction is forever though with that some may not agree
But at least anyhow that is how it seems to me
That scientists can create life out of long extinct life forms though great some of them are
Even for them it does seem that one step too far
Of learning from Nature some insights into her workings we gain
But her secrets are many and that fact does remain
Humans who have caused much extinction damage done cannot repair
But to blame every human being for such would seem a bit unfair
Since most damage to the natural environment caused by the greedy few
One might say to that tell us something that's new

by Francis Duggan

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