As the potato flowers are in bloom
You take the road which ever us do part?
Now that the sky is grey and overcast
And tears confound the country and the doom?
The grief will be for you the new abode
Perhaps a warmer grave and newer ethos
We shall unearth those emerald potatoes
Those precious stones dug out from where we hoed.
What kind of God preserved in secret heavens
May still be glad to gather our bones
With you, with us we cry on our tombs
With you with us a story ends in ruins.

by Mircea Dinescu

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To be humane [the highest culmination of human] needs contemplative psychic exercise… And acceptance and rejection protocol where conscience is the guide…nice way you’ve presented… 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK
one needs to have that nature in him to be happy and keep other happy
Sam i love this poem.To be human is natural but one learns to be humane: from home, community, and the society; violence, war, murder, hate, et al. Thanks for inviting me to read this 10+++ poem. Read when you can: 'Ephemeral Love' and 'Turkey strut'
You light a lamp each day to overcome the darkness in our lives. CP
this poem is just fantastic.. we need some more humane oriented human. :) . this is good stuff.
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