# # Humane

is a
mystery or magic
going to happen here
to unveil
from human

a lovely
flower from bud
to receive the
good morn kiss

the sun's
tender hands
opens the
bud to flower

no mystery
no magic
just a
daily fare

human to HUMANE
a natural daily fare

in that gathering
of HUMANE humans
in its glow and shine
the sun will be put to shame

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Comments (28)

To be humane [the highest culmination of human] needs contemplative psychic exercise… And acceptance and rejection protocol where conscience is the guide…nice way you’ve presented… 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK
one needs to have that nature in him to be happy and keep other happy
Sam i love this poem.To be human is natural but one learns to be humane: from home, community, and the society; violence, war, murder, hate, et al. Thanks for inviting me to read this 10+++ poem. Read when you can: 'Ephemeral Love' and 'Turkey strut'
You light a lamp each day to overcome the darkness in our lives. CP
this poem is just fantastic.. we need some more humane oriented human. :) . this is good stuff.
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