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Humanistic Question...

Is personal
happiness to be
whatever means
it takes?

No I do not believe
that is the proper

We also might
a sad distressing
of happiness
is despair,
it so commonly
as we go about
a selfish pursuit.

The goal of life
it’s said.

A misguided
but useful notion.

Inoculate the serfs and servants
the troubled parishioner
with a thought;
divine dispensation in the end
and it will pay a dividend.

The wicked and insane
smiling ear to ear
contented as a meadow lark
blissfully waging war,
or raping someone down the street.

Happy they are

A graveyard full of stepping stones
to reach this special goal.

What’s become of magnanimity
a duty to improve oneself
along with a fellow man,
to use ones gifts for ethics sake.

Concern and respect for others?

Inalienable right
this anxious chase.

Prosperous amenities
passively ignoring
ancillary consequences.

Personal happiness;
all too often
catatonic elixir...

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A powerful read, I see alot of thought went into this write. Well done!