Put criminals in a zoo
And wild animals in prison
For all to mock
And see
Kill a lion
Because you can
But only with a weapon
Put a metal bit
In the mouth
Of a horse
That longs to be free
Whip it until it bleeds
When it runs too slow
Hook a marlin
Because it is so big
Tag it
Cut the line
Leave the big hook
And watch the blood flow
As it slowly sinks
In shock
Slaughter trees
Decapitate the flowers
In the name of romance
And endeavour
Kill a dangerous bull
In front of a cheering crowd
Watch a dozen large hounds
Tear a small exhausted fox
All in the name
Of sport
And humanity

by Robert A Black

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O Robert, This is one of great poems! Yeah we human beings are superior beings - so wild and inhumane...! Now one of my fav...10!