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CC (June 10,1989 - Present / Paducah, Ky USA)


Poem By Christopher Cariad

One day I want to live in a world
where hands are held over guns.
A world defined by the blood pumping
through each of our veins,
not the blood poured out on these streets.
It's no mistake that our blood
shared the same hue as love once released to this world,
that crimson red to remind us
Jesus shed his blood for us in love.
Generations have struggled, fought and
killed over this crazy b_ _ _h named hate.
We've seen hate's power so many times
in our past.
The propaganda started to turn
white against black,
black and white against brown,
straight against gay,
male against female,
religion against religion,
country against country.
Still today we allow ourselves to be
guided by this propaganda, by this hate.
We've seen and have learned from
our pasts but can't yet add and subtract.
One obstacle of hate conquered -
S_ _t, Lets thrown a new one in humanities way...

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A thought provoking poem reiterating the spell of hate caused damage to humanity and advocating it's replacement by mutual love and fraternity for the benefit of hmanity.10 points.