whispering swallows in the springy dusk
whispering a tale of hope and love
whispering good tidings of rekindled passion
passion for life, goodness and faith in humans

whispering swallows in the summery morning
bring upon us a new day, a new begining
whispering swallows sing summers' song of hope
kindness, forgiveness and trust in humans

whispering swallows in the chilly winter day
humming a tune of revelation
of life and all its secrets
whispering swallows hum away into the night of winter

humming warm loving thoughts in every human heart
humming a tune for all time
a tune for all seasons
humming a tune for humanity
humming a tune of peace

as the autaumn draws neigh every heart is full of love, joy
and just like the trees shade off their old leaves
we shade all our burdens and start afresh
we still have our humanity

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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True enough the greatest threat to human lives is the loss of their humanity, as long as we have that, no tanks, no tides or technology can ever destroy us.
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