Poem Hunter
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)


I am so appalled at what i see,
That sometimes i no longer wish to be,
The never ending push and drive,
Of those just trying to survive!

The different layers of intellect,
Those whom we find circumspect,
So much like an ant hill,
it does give me a chill!

Among Humanity as i reflect,
Science and Poetry i respect,
Science for the time to write
Poetry that gives delight!

Were it not for those with curiosity,
Hunters and gatherers we would still be,
Dependent upon natures whimsical way,
That with our life could make us pay!

Each of us rests upon predecessors shoulders,
Because they broke apart the boulders,
That kept us in the roaming state,
And let us look through the agricultural gate!

A better life there's no denial,
Now corporate greed is on trial,
Always those more adroit,
To things they can exploit!

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