(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


There is a lot I like.
As I live my humble life.
With it done without the hustle.
And the stress to impress.
That others may find,
Their time to address.

There is a lot I like.
Being true to myself.
And to have no one else,
Accuse me for being dishonest.
Or making promises I can't keep.

There is something about living basically.
I found to discover.
That satisfies both my wants and needs.
To realize that peace of mind,
I wished to get to experience it.
Had nothing to do with my name up in lights.
Or have readers rate high,
Everything I write.
I just wanted to be free.
And be the 'me' I liked.
With it done to do,
Without having sleepless nights.
Knowing my efforts to endeavor,
Would one day speak for themselves.
To leave me pleased.
And allow me to stay humble about it.

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