A Walk In Rage

These days
It doesn't
Take much
To disagree
While many
Speak of
Hate & violence
If you disagree
An argument
Usually ensues
Oft' times
Escalating into
And into a
Of cataclysmic
With domino effect
Leading to
When violence
Has it's
Ugly, ugly way
It destroys
Leaving nothing
But remnants
Of human beings
Once peaceful
Who lost it
In the moment
And chose to
Walk in rage

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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an amazing write a great poem....another great poem in my favorit list...thanks
quite interesting, thanks for sharing
A good strong philosophical poem that makes a person think.
Yes, they can! In HIS creation, every thing has a purpose!
in other words...if it's not a pet eat it