JH (8-15-1975 / Del Rio, Texas)


Sitting staring out my window
All the happy faces
The smiles the greetings
The lights and decorations
For reasons I can not explain I hate them so
Gone is the child that would stare in awe
In her place- a bitter snow queen
Where did my life go wrong
How did I lose my inner child
Content with closing the drapes
Shutting the world outside
Interrupted by the sound of little feet
A' Merry Christmas mommy' stings my heart
Seeing the look of awe on my child’s face
For he is the reason I do all that I do...that is reason enough

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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'he is the reason I do all that' - I'm sad that you have lost the inner child in you, that you can't enjoy the Christmas season for yourself. Another great poem, Jeanette. Love, Fran xx