Hummingbirds Will Come To Envy The Rate At Which My Heart Is Beating

Poem By Nick Jankowski

Whats become of this boy
in which I've always
been eye to eye with
while standing in front
of the mirror every morning

I'm speaking in riddles
and rhymes and poems
I'm not quite sure
if I know what I'm saying
but I know what I mean

A heart full of love
and its overflowing
I can't seem to sleep
because I'm too busy dreaming
of your perfect existence

I've got so much to tell you
if only my mouth would open
...its open
But the words come out jumbled

I'm so impressed
by your very appearance
and I love you so much it hurts
I can't contain the errupting emotions
nor can I even begin to try

Comments about Hummingbirds Will Come To Envy The Rate At Which My Heart Is Beating

a very well written and thoughtful piece, two thumbs up
What a lovely title and lovely sentiment. Well done.

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