(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Δύναμη Σπόρου Αποταμιευμένου

απέραντη η λαχτάρα μου
και πως να την χωρέσω
σε ένα βίο σύντομο;
δεν έχω να επιλέξω!

στοχάζομαι ατενίζοντας βουνά
τα «εγώ» δεν με πάνε πουθενά

ήρεμα Ζω πνέω ερωτευμένα
η διαίσθηση κι ο λόγος μου
ποτέ ευνουχισμένα

έξι ζωές Ζω εδώ και τώρα
δεν περιμένω άλλη καμιά

στο όνειρο όταν φεύγω
καρδιά σε συμμαζεύω

by Odysseas Zervos

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Bri, That's interesting. I've got some poems in the Russin language written in 2006 about the Moon and the Stars. And I'm not surprised seeing your poem, asking the moon to speak with you. As I've told you before, we have something in common and probably we think in the same direction. Good luck to you. Keep writing.
I have known of some people talking to dogs and cats; but to the moon? You need help my friend! !
Saw it in your suggested poem list. Enjoyed the humor. Moon may not speak or see but he is a good listener for sure. Otherwise so many of us wouldn't be talking to him!
after reading your poem Sir, it reminds me of this nursery rhymes about the Moon..i recited in front of my classmates when i was 6years old.. I SEE THE MOON AND THE MOON SEE'S ME, GOD BLESS THE MOON AND GOD BLESS ME'.......vow
HOW GOOFY OF ME........BRI, THAT IS. my mind suddenly, after receiving most of the comments below this one, REALIZED that i made an 'ERROR'! i said in line #2 that Moon CAN'T see. BUT then in the last stanza i seem to have forgotten that Moon is blind, as i use the words gaze and see! ! ! ! oh, well. i guess human readers sometimes see or hear what they WANT to see or hear, despite what is actually being said or written! ! ! bri :) i guess i could say the gazing and seeing are not exactly THAT.
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