(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Humped Over Stoops And Stumps

Too many people,
Live their lives to punk it out!
And afraid to take chances.
More romanced in their heads.
To embellish from their mouths.

Humped over stoops and stumps.
Yet expect their lives to advance.
From a foot patted or dragged.
But refusing to get up and dance.

Too many people,
May make their quick bucket lists.
But sit back to disparage,
Others who adventure bold and brave.
To do this without wishes,
Stale and reminisced.

Too many people grow old too young.
By listening to others tell them,
What they should or shouldn't do.
To discourage any attempts,
With a killing of dreams to see them
Ever come to be done.

Humped over stoops and stumps.
Dead without arrival.
Dreams wished murdered on the streets
In minds left hopeless.

Humped over those stoops and stumps,
As dream killers pass...
Talking trash and garbage,
To those punked out.
And hiding behind masks.

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