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Hunab Ku
Gregory Crockatt (October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Hunab Ku

You, me, what is it you see?
Me, you, now what shall we do?
Us, them, can't we all be friends?
Let our false paradigms bend?

I'm just another you,
you're just another me,
we're all the same,
it's just we can't see..

Yeah, it's all here around us,
we've been trained to distrust,
because we're nothing much us
we all came from the same dust.

We're life, and we're livin,
now see the task we're givin?

Moneys not time, Moneys fake.
Time is art and make no mistake,
once we've returned to art,
we'll have a peaceful new start.

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