Hunger, like the long ago novel
written in the 20th Century
by Knut Hamson. Hunger
is something my family
doesn’t understand.
can’t conceptionalize
won’t realize until their free
ride comes to an end
They have had everything
from day one an overabundance of
electronics, food, clothing
cars, money and all
the love & understanding
from both their mother and myself
We have pampered them so much
that they are at the point
of irreversible delusional
misconceptions that all
things come to those
who just ask from them
instead of on the merits of
hard work and the rewards
that come out hard work.
These kids just like millions
of kids around the world are
so out of touch with reality
that once they let go
and venture out into the real world
they will have a rude awakening
they will find out that
nothing in this life is free
and when they see that
only work will get them
what they want or need or both
they will realize that they
can’t turn back to those that
had sacrificed all for them
for those folks will be long gone
the wise ones would have escaped
from the self-imprisonment
of child rearing in the 21st century
while others would have checked
out a long time ago and those once
precious children raised as if
they were royalty will be left
to fend for themselves
in the vastness
of unrelenting hunger

by Charles Lara

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I fear that time is coming soon. This is not so much a poem as a speech about the children of today and the people who raised them. It is a good speech that says a lot about the writer as well. GW62