(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


I find myself looking at others and wondering how they'd taste.
I wonder would they be good raw or would I ruin the flavor if I took haste?

Should I slow down and maybe cook them a little?
Maybe take a nice piece and throw it on the grittle.

You look at me as if I am sick
Don't worry though, I'll make sure they're dead before they go on the stick.

You tell me that you've never liked the taste of her flesh as you bit your loved one's neck?
That you would never cut off a piece of a person after they've just gone and fry it up just to check?

You'll eat other animals just because they're dumbing than you.
So, why not have a nibble on someone with a lower iq?

Come now, I invited you here to just have a taste.
Don't let your so called 'humanity' let this delicious meal go to waste.

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