Hunger the most dreaded problem
The hunger, for enough food
The most pitiable thing people suffer
At least a portion of people.

Hunger the problem to be tackled
Which is the most necessity
Where human dignity is in peril
Hunger and poverty takes its own toll.

The poor children, and their hunger
Fearful and pitiful to see in pictures
World conscience and conscious effort
To wipe out the hunger and make enough
The food chain supply to maintain.

In man made war like situations
Hunger most fearful
Existence of life in danger
Where food packets makes some reliefs

Hunger in flood calamities, isolated places
Makes worse of the situation, the hunger.
Governments and public in good spirit works
To make the hungry proper feed in time.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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hunger is a world wide problem this should be attended to now before it gets even worse i do believe poverty can and should be controlled a great write
Two third of population suffers with poverty and if it is not controlled it will turn to be curse to this earth..we are sleeping, careless, we are religious to say but we are away from the charity, we can increase the nuclear power, tank, aircraft, bombs all are for destruction..we are helping poverty to increase for destruction thank you