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Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness!

Do you Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness
For God's Word? That You've Heard!
Once You get the desire, to be on-fire
For Our Lord, Whom we adore
Guarantee You'll Never be bored!
Thank You! Father, For sending Your Son
The Perfect One! One Who had No Sin!
Our Lord! Our Savior! Our King!
If You seek Him You'll Find
What ever it is Your Looking for
All the time!
He's Prepared a Way for All of Us Today!
Whosoever Hungers and Thirsts
After Righteousness! Will have Success!
Because God is taking care of You
No matter what You do!
Let Him lead the Way, You'll Never go astray!
Your Hunger and Thrist, Shall be filled,
Just to know where Your going
For Eternity!

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