Hungriness Dancing On A Plate

Poem By Syed Khizir Hayat

One dark stormy night
pained by a village site
I saw in one house
Hungriness dancing on a plate
and two full moons playing around inside.
Mother put fire on to cook a little rice
begged from the village
from sunrise to sunset
that was their most valuable asset
The moons ask the mother and father,
"we are hungry, give us food"
Father replied wait a little bit
Mother said with tearful eyes
Don't cry, after a few minutes
it will be alright.
The moons are silent and quiet
But my voice rose up and roaring toward the God
"Why and how the difference you make, one
is full of food and wealth, another not even
getting a bite.
Let me know, let me know
oh my God,
"Is it really justified?"

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