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Hungry For Love
TA (June 30,1981 / India)

Hungry For Love

I am hungry, I am hungry
I cried out loud, I am thirsty
Eat this bread and milk so hot
Look what all we have bought

The dress so nice, a clown to play
Candies to munch and kites to fly
Dressed in pink, the doll so pretty
All I have that riches can buy

Still I am hungry, still I am thirsty
With all these around I am lonely
The walls are painted bright in green
The pain in my heart can make it burn

I am hungry for the love I don’t have
I am thirsty for the care I want
All I crave is love and care
Simply a moment of yours to share

Why you have to move so fast
Can’t you be slow and look behind
Can’t you see the pain in my heart?
Why you don’t hold me in your arms

The time will fly and I’ll be gone
Tomorrow when you’ll be alone
The riches would fade and you’ll learn
All these moments will never return

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Comments (7)

Well expression of the blind follower of love, ya love is like that never think it was sea, crucial sharp valley or sky tottally blind and belief, very nice work thanks for shqring,10++
...a lovely nostalgic poem Tara, I can almost hear your heart beating
Beautiful poem, Tara. Jxxx
hi, nice poem....feelings are very rightly conveyed.
Very good versification the honesty with which you have expressed yourself makes the poem even more beautiful. You have a nice and easy flow in your poems.
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