Hungry For Righteousness

I must focus and receive
on what God has for me;
A place of rest within eternity.
The height of my hunger
makes no room for you;
So I cry like a child for His love.

What is this flavor?
Is it vanilla I see?
Is it chocolate or berry?
No, it's just heavenly.
I must eat and await
on that day to give shout;
Wretched woman that I am,
but I will not miss out.

I have my conviction;
Now I am made new.
There's a place for my rest,
and for those of you too.
My level of hunger
should not stop you to eat;
but to praise The Almighty
and stand with two feet.

May The Lord fulfill your craving.

Inspired by: Luke 19: 1-10

by Donna Lee Womack

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