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Hungry For Starvation
AS (20/04/1987 / )

Hungry For Starvation

i see those people young and old
building up a metal bank of money
to build up their future of twenty-four karat gold
to feed and clothe their young families
but they run to the big round casino
thinking they might get real lucky
while throwing their money out the glass window

waiting for emancipation
from a lifetime of hard work
they are hungry for starvation

you might win a hundred or a thousand
but you will get greedy and try again
just to lose it all in a pit of quick-sand
and bury deep your stabbing conscience pain
when you have nothing left you will beg and borrow
so you can win back everything you lost
but you will only fuel your growing sorrow
to win back your earnings at any cost

i see those people gamble their life away
they must be hungry for starvation

i see those people short and tall
running fast to the big round casino
where the bright blue lights fall
and where the desperate working man goes
to throw all his money out the door
while his hungry family chew sticky rice
and sleep shivering on an ice-cold floor
while he throws his hope on a six-sided dice

they are hungry to get rich super-fast
but they don't realise
they are throwing their hard earned money away
they are hungry for starvation

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