Poem Hunter
NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)


Poem By Yasmin Khan

Under the influence
of glazed, dull eyes
and house arrested development,
I see my world superficially-
I don't see the hungry streets
itching to ravage the young.
Or the starry night showers
of rock candy burning
through stratosphere into
hovering clouds of jail time and loss.
I see only the concrete surface,
fronts we all wear over our gutted dreams
and the heaven and hell obscured from view.
I dont see the motavations
of the suburban avant-garde moving to
the down and out downtown
to gain blue ribbon and purple heart.
Or the explosion of prosperity
a college town promises and fails to masters.
I see the alienation of a car culture
exploited by rogue film makers
and corporate slave traders
but not those great castles
emerging from the sand.
I don't see the love drug this
city dropped in my drink.
Or the stockholm syndrome
that keeps me from running
away and finding those day glo days.
I see hours circle the clock
but not the happiness those moments
once shined through fresh eyes,
now rotten and glazed over
searching for a reason to stay.

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