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Hunny I Miss You
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

Hunny I Miss You

Poem By George Wootton

Hunny I miss you, I'd sure like to kiss you,
to gaze upon your beautiful face.
I'd love to be near you, let my longing ears hear you
sweetly singing Amazing Grace.
I may not have told you but I sure love to hold you
when you long to be near me as well,
but seems time is an issue when I long to kiss you
and just how much I love you to tell.
Sometimes I feel broken, our marriage vows just a token
of love shared somewhere in our past,
but I want so much to keep you and let not the world cheat you
of the happiness that I know can last.
I know that we're busy, our lives' in a tizzy
but I just want you to know
that I'll always adore you and hope I 'll never bore you
and as time passes our sweet love will grow.
Let God's grace encase you as I long to embrace you
and dream of you throughout the day
and wait for the night when I can again hold you tight
and whisper love words my heart longs to say.

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