(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Hunted By Those Hunting

As a marketing tool...
Some may choose to select peace.
As an item worn like a necklace!
Silver, diamond crusted, gold...
Or a gold leaf piece that treats!

An external 'closeness' worn...
One adorns and feels protected.
A symbolic jester...
That 'manifests' a pride from inside,
To show of one's affliliation...
As a limb attached to one's belief.
Yet often such 'bliss' is hidden,
Much sequestered...
For an ease that brings a quick relief.

Externally on it's own...
Peace is not shown,
Or actively produced!
Some may reveal,
For them it is internally concealed...
To express freely to release,
Whenever it is induced!

And still we subject others to profess,
Whether or not their faith is strong enough...
To fight demons that come to test!
As if we are 'all' above treating each other,
Like beasts unleashed...
Ready to show,
Our own displeasure that grows with unrest!

Enjoying to be hunted...
By those hunting as we're left grunting.
Satisfied those labelled,
Have become pests,
In tit for tat adventures heated,
Upon our own bait ladened requests.

'Why do they persist,
In ignoring us like this?
Can't they see...
What we have is what they need? '

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'And the World would be a better place, for you, for me....' as one of the greatest sang.... deep write, says so much while leaving the reader questions to absorb and figure out....marci.xo