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Hunter's Creed

Ready, set, go.
It always the same
Shooting birds, so.
Tiger's get maimed
Lizards get captured
Snakes get caught
Moles get lured
And whales sought.
Ivory tusks in a hall
Saw fish hanging high
Blow fish blown a ball
And crabs sigh
Knives are sharpened
The hunter saw narrowly
And sparrow in the bin.
Squawking and bleeding death fully
Though shooting it sin.
I feel sorry when I look around
And see all these animals,
All attempt to flee, now no sound
I remember my bow bends, bulls
And a arrow cocked and a beautiful beast bound
Lost his soul and waved goodbye as he fell
İnto the darkness of hell.
For year it seemed I sat there
Hating what i have done
Its children run and hug it with care
I sit there, beamed by the sun
İt was not fast, speed
İt's feet turned hard
I hate myself with creed
My dog sits, a saint Bernard
His eyes rolled downward
His head seemed lifeless.
With one last growl, absurd
He met with death's kiss

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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