Hunter's Punishment

I'm watching you, like a scared mouse
Waiting for the next punishment
I'm hearing your feet pursuing my tracks
Like a dog's nature of hunting reborn

You hunt, nostrils spark at my scent
Flowing with rage and cursing veins
Your continuous search prolongs
As I cower into the pit of sanctuary
And wait, defenceless, without armour

Victim falls into sight, the fear pulses
Like a strike of electricity, chilling the bones
Silent screams convert into looks of horror
One, two, three the rage relief’s itself
With no delay the pain commences
Breaking boundaries of old wounds

Forcing innocence to plead guilty
Marking its territory, like a savage,
Fighting to claim its possessions
I lay there caught in a spiders web
Paying the long sentence of no end
As the light disperses further away
Foreshadowing the sheer reality
Of my imprisonment of no escape

by jodi right

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