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Hide, cock, let go.
a beautiful creature,
lost his life, by me a foe.
family scurry and pur.
though i sit there,
alone and bewitched.
a tree drops a pear,
and the animal twitched.
'natures circle' i said,
but my heart said no
i try to stand but like lead
i just want to say 'so'
i killed it
lifeless corpse
a nearby bird sits
with one of them scorp's
i sat there for hours.
i stare into lifeless eyes
my heart feeling bitter, sour.
i sat there and in sigh
i grabbed a shovel
dug a burial
i felt its horns and face, dull
i felt its last living soul
i looked one last time
i pushed it through the hole, over.
for prayer a simple lime
i wish i was sober

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Taylor well done hey