Station to station the news is the same,
Stronger today than yesterday.
Heinous crimes, intense, evil passion.
Suicide bombers killing children, shattering parental dreams-
All in the name of Allah.
Kidnappings, random unchecked lunacy in the marketplace,
Blatant disregard for human life.
Mankind turning from itself.
Unblinking consciences squeezing triggers on defiant weapons.
Lies and denials have become universal currency.
Immoral short cuts have become off ramps for the autobahn misdirects.
We can't crop dust the evil from our jaded souls.
Deliberate lack of respect
Has eaten the moral fiber from our DNA.
Each day we stand on guard for basic safety.
Around every corner lies the possibility of harm-
New harm, stronger harm, deadly harm...
The room is too big.
General Patton has just left the building.
We are running dangerously low on antibiotics for evil.
We have become ancient Rome-
With exponentially larger weapons.

by william upton

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I first encountered a part of this poem in a 1983 Best of Omni (no.6) . The 3rd stanza (Feet in the jungle...) was quoted at the beginning of a science fiction story (about non-genetically-modified 'werewolves') by Gene Wolfe. Since then, I've read Mr. Kipling's poems as part of English Lit classes, and for leisure in the libraries where I've found them. This is the first time I have seen this poem in its entirety! Very nice. Nice to see someone has made a site with Kipling's poems. Shabash! - I also play World of Warcraft. My first character there? A hunter: Seeonee. He (curiously?) came with an English accent. Coincidence? He's still around somewhere, though he's not my main. I named him this after the quote from Mr. Wolfe's story, that I had just reread. Thought it (the stanza: self-praise of swiftness/ untrackability/ alertness) sounded cocky enough for a Blood Elf hunter. His most often used Pet? ShereKhan. I like to think Mr. Kipling would approve of them getting along. Finally!