(March 2nd,1984 / USA)

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i do not share my body
as of late- i share my mind.

i've lost a lot of lovers,
but i have not lost my kind.

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Another fine epigrammatic poem, very wry.
Thanks for giving us a peace of your mind. Very 'kind' of you to share. I'm sure Platonic love is best unless you find true love - Plato explained that quite clearly, he was just sure everyone ought to follow his own example - after he'd reached an advanced age.
Sus, poetry is certainly a sharing of the minds, and many times, more intiment than physical contact... excellent write! ! Brian
sincerely the mind is the alter and the soul of great value in a man, though lover's ceize time will never lose the active mind we only knew from past to future.nice thought goldy.maxim muyu
It doesn't seem to far from saying that one's best lover is the (lover's) mind. The sensibility is reinforced with the nuances of 'my kind, ' and the rhyme is especially significant and (subtley) resounding. This is really a finely-turned poem!
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