Everything is before and after
Everything flies by the stipulation of time,
O tranquil hill, be you raised like lady-finger
Or glacieted ice melting down the valley
But yours is a dream that has no ending.
In the present, galore freedom of,
If nothing else but to imagine, overlooked
By the mirrored mansions of the earth god.

They danced to the percussion, intoxicated
Heavenly wines, and the gravitas
Are buried elsewhere to roost, are not
Either allowed. They must have been wearing
Silks, brought by the tendered feet of them.
Merriment is measure by a communal gossip
And the moon reflects the many facets of the top.

-On a visit to Hunza (Karimabad) on October 18,2014.

Sadiqullah Khan
October 19,2014.

by Sadiqullah Khan

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