Men And Animals

Men and animals
Friday,28th September 2018

The man definitely was made after animals
but he was made responsible individual
capable and strong enough to deal
with any eventuality and feel real

he has the capacity to act
and realize in fact
to make sure he is worth
before meeting with a death

animals do have the sentiments
and they positively present
their allegiance
in the form of acceptance

the owner is shown respect
with the head movement
but that is for their food requirement
their gratitude gesture is shown and sent too

are we proving worst than the animals?
recent developments have proved for we people
we are driving down with the dismal show
let us leave the comparison and go with the humanitarian standard

Hasmukh Aamthalal Mehta

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Weave then in memory and bond it with career You will never suffer In entire path of uncertainty As it has blessings from an almighty