Hurrah For Cooper And Cary

Poem By Julia Ann Moore

Air -- "Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys"

We will rally in the city,
We will gather from the farms,
Shouting equalization,
Greenbacks a legal tender,
Then the poor will get along,
The poor that dwell throughout our nation.


Three cheers for Cooper and Cary,
Hurrah, boys, hurrah;
Three cheers for our nation,
In peace and in war;
If it were not for our laboring men,
What would our nation do --
Take this in consideration.

It is now one hundred years,
Or just one century,
Stood grand this good old nation,
And our forefathers fought
That we may not be a slave --
A slave to the monarchy of England.

Revolutionary war was fought
With the British, this we hear,
To make this an independent nation;
We, the independent men,
We will not be a slave,
To bond-holders in our nation.

The Republicans are for gold,
And the nation as it is;
Take this in consideration.
In eighteen seventy-nine
Taxes must be paid in gold,
If Hayes and Wheeler gain election.

The Democrats are for gold,
Reform and economy;
What better off will be our nation,
If Tilden and Hendricks,
If they gain the day --
Poor people will come to starvation.

Come, freeman, now arise,
Put your shoulder to the wheel
This Presidential election;
Vote for an independent man,
One in favor of greenbacks,
In this great financial question.

Three cheers for Cooper and Cary,
May they keep marching on --
Marching with God upon the right, boys,
May they conquer o'er their foes
And the cursed money rings --
Right will yet conquer might, boys.

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