Hurricane Frances

Shimmering moon staring at the
whirling wind, protecting crucial
guests weathering the storm, seeking shelter
or leaving town
Swaying ponderous trees swinging ferociously
from left to right
Sunrise appears with no public
transportation – shelters open
People flee and evacuate
While others stay behind with pets
Will the hurricane reach landform
North or south, east or west side
Stray cats finding crawl space to hide
Hurricane Frances stay away
Please do not hit and threaten us
Whether we are prepared or not
Dangerous category four
Dark clouds moving, stirring above
Shaking, trembling front door
Apprehensive, uneasy, anxious
Effects from Hurricane Frances
Will it turn away from the coast?
Bridges lock – no way in or out
Boat owners leave the marina
Head west instead of heading north
Henceforth she will be known – Frances

by Ana Monnar

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