Hurricane Poem

Poem By Max Reif

The hurricane hits,
You batten down your hatches,
Try to secure everything.

It's all a big mess.
Hurricanes don't
Respect our boundaries!

Soon you're just trying to survive,
Holed up in a small, safe room.
You doze off. When you awake,
Everything is still. You venture outside.

You gape, speechless!
The hurricane has taken
All you've ever known
And re-arranged it,
Leaving it perfect, resplendent:
The beauty you've always dreamed of!

Comments about Hurricane Poem

Max - read Compassion (mine) and there is the horrible side of the event. It was written in honor of the survivors of Katrina. Linda
Love this one Max. Good vision of natures force blasting rubble away.
What a fantasy...but it is more prose than poetry, in my opinion. Raynette

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