My heart is screaming,
I see it fading,
I must be dreaming,
Or breathing wrong,
But this is not true that I am hurt,
You have pushed me enough,
Its my turn to take a stand up,
If you can listen to what I need to say,
What I have to say may effect you and I,
What made me happy was being with you,
What made me sad was see you go,
I feel hurt in the inside and outside,
I am bleeding, screeching, heaving, leaving, I am lost,
Lost myself in trans of time,
I am not afraid to cry,
I will try not to die in this place,
You had your fair chance to flew the coop,
Your chance to be free to fly,
I more hurt to see my love ones die in my eyes.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Sad, but really good. I hope it all turns out good for you, from Marissa.