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Among my pain, amongst my sorrow,
I find an escape to a place with no pain.
A place where nothing can hurt me
A place to heal is what I found.
Slowly, gradually the pain and sorrow leave.
I hope against hope it doesn't return
I am safe in my sanctuary.
Amongst sorrow, amongst the coming depression,
I hide myself from all the world
I am seen but unseen by everyone.
A place of work to hide my pain that won't heal,
Until everything subsides.
But the pain and sorrow build over time
And the pain returns with vengence.
Author cannot help me, nor can University.
No comfort is found, no relief to be given.
A pain so great, nothing can give me comfort.
Is it the beginning of the end of a time so young?
A cry in the night, so faint yet so loud
A pain never felt before yet always around.
A heart that beats strongly, now crumbles in pain.
The faint cries of the wolves I hear,
In comfort they come, with eyes gentle and calm
To heal a heart so wounded deep.
My brothers, sisters, teachers and friends
Come to give this heart of mine repair.

(Author= books, University= school (I bury myself in school work))

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Robert Frost

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