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Poem By krista something

what is hurt
is hurt what you feel
in tough time
i feel hurt
when you come near
why did you hurt me
in the first place
you now what you
did wrong
then why did you do it
in the first plac
maybe is it
because you wanted to show
off to your friend
but you now how you
and you cant win me back
no matter how
much you try
and how much you
care it is the
way of life
that takes its place
and probly
we wern't ment
to be
so take your stuff
and i'll take mind
just dont get close to
me when i
am in your sight
just keep us far
away before
i develop i new way
to get back at
you which i will never do
no matter how much
i want to
for you to be gone
and that
is what
i say to you
in your dumb

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