What have the little angels done so wrong
That you beat them and hurt them all day long
What have they done to make you mad
To hurt their little bodies and make them sad
Make them scared to tell anyone the truth
Why make them suffer thru torture and abuse
Gods' little angels sent down from above
To be taken in, cared for and given much love
These angels are gifts that should be cherished and adored
Not to be stomped down, kicked and pushed to the floor
No child should be hurt to give you pleasure
A childs' love should not be measured
It is given to you by a child of innocence seen
How could you be so terribly mean
Your anger should not be taken out on them at all
Find a way to rid it instead of slamming your kids up against a wall
Children have feelings and just want to be heard
But you tell them to shut up and don't say a word
You smack them down, bang them up and bruise them until
That child you've been hurting is laying too still
You kill them and feel no remorse or shame
You don't even feel any pain
So remember these angels that are silent forevermore
And the children still waiting to see what they are in for
Don't turn your head and look the other way
Because by tomorrow it may just be too late.

by Kelly Yarbrough

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