JC (7/30 / bloomington california)

Hurt For I Can'T Love

i was hurt by many before
and scared of getting hurt again
i learn not to love
and to block everyone out
i made friends easy
for i learn to accept
girls and women
but a man
i only could put a fake smile
and say the word friend
in a blank lie to me and to my heart
and never really accept the man standing right in front of me
i can't give my heart to them
even if i tried
and i have tried so many time
and it hurt me so much that i can't love
i never learn
from my parents
from my first love
from you
and knowing that
you question me
and i question myself
can i feel, love, hurt
well to tell you the true no
i can't love and i only feel pain and
hurt because i can't love
you my true love

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