Hurt Me Or I Lie

slap loud
the heart of silent
a momentous
of dream and truth; imprison the calling
of the heart, a pain of vanity
settle in the most
inner manner passion of envy

hate I should be clings of humorous
laughter of smile though
echo of wounds heals the
past of care and love
before it ended with great respect and

swing of what awaits, nothing
breaks than a slice of
blood split in
every skin I know; until I surrender
to my knee

by Antonio Liao

Comments (3)

Swing of what awakes, nothing is certain. Joy and grief both are there in love. Explained well in this poem.
A poem on love and pain .(rose with thorn) with the beauty of its content lovely. calm and deep as Aphordite arrow hit many times- -every skin I know; until I surrender to my knee what a lovely write max rating for this and i am quite fair..doing justice to the love and pain.
Before it ended with great respect.... A beautiful poem.