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Poem By Rita Ann Higgins

When I knew him, I thought he was my friend.
When I thought of him, I thought he was more than that.
He hurt me so, messing with other people. I thought the knew that I have feelings for him.
I told him twice that I liked him.
But he torn that away.
But when his other friend told him that she liked him, he took the bait.
I thought I knew him, he hurt me so.
I guess it was because I don't read anime or go out for a show.
Maybe its my skin, or the way I walk,
Its like the devil himself had told him to talk.

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Comments (1)

hurt me so. he did what you wanted. i bet you can find somebody else, if you 'ain't' MoonPie UgLy. his needs are different from your needs. may be some $$$ given, will bring him back. use it as 'bait.' take care.