KO ( / Fredericton NB)

Hurt No More

Hurt no more that is all I ask
In so much pain will this ever pass.
Fading away until it is over
Wanting a helping hand to make this stop
Take me Now I beg.
I can't handle this kind of torture.
Will it end now?
Even if it does I know it will just come back
It never ends this kind of pain
Make it stop make me free of this

No More.

by Kristen Otto

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I strongly identify with your poem. I have a hurt from 23 years ago that refuses to go away. Pain of the heart is the worst hurt. 'Fadding' in line three should be 'Fading.' I like the brevity and directness of your poem, very honest and a cry from your heart. You're not afraid to show your feelings and I like to think that's the best path to eventual healing. Not good to bottle up emotions. Crying is good therapy too. I hope God gives you eventual relief. I've found praying for the source - person involved - of my pain does give me some relief, for their well-being. I'm not a churchgoer and really can't stand religion. Best wishes to you, and thanks for the open-hearted poem.