Hurt Without Friends

A boy abused and tormented without friends
No one by him all alone is where he stands
Cries because he is going along the unloved
Who cared when he was pushed and shoved?
There isn’t anyone who cares about just how he hurt
All by himself on the streets filthy and no money
His parents kicked him out and he was looking for work
He didn’t exist to the world but still he kept running
Never looking back on his terrible life and home
His eyes were cold and his heart as hard as stone
If you look in his eyes there wouldn’t be no one in there
Because of the pain and sorrow in his life he had to bear
Still trying to survive the cruel world that he’s in
Trying so hard to still be able to walk down the tile
To be brought in but to only be left behind again
Has left him nothing but trauma and a broken smile
He watches as his world crumbles at his feat
Women getting killed and raped off the street
He looks at their eyes and sees fear
The same fear that was in his eyes
Like looking at himself in a mirror
Remembering his pain as he cries
Never again will he look and compare
Denying and waving his hands in the air
Punching and smashing his fists in the wall
Then loses breath and slowly starts to fall
Looks up and laughs asking is this the end
Looking at his wounds that he couldn’t tend
Back against the wall the sad guy without friends
Always will be alone sad and this is how it ends

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (2)

This poem is beautiful
I felt the pain in this pome and a tear came to my eye's as i know what this feels like. Love Ruth x